Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Vikings Are Coming!

The Vikings have arrived at a site near you, has your name been added to the Hall of Fame yet! 

Camera's at the ready....Thanks Simon.

There is almost a mystical unpredictability about the movements of the Waxwing, with it's combination of beautiful plumage, confiding nature, and inextricable association with berries and human habitations, makes it a bird few people ever tire of seeing. 

A Winter Atlas once suggested winter invasions into Britain were believed to occur every 10 years, this was based on large invasions in 1937, 1946, and 1957, so in that regard the suggestion made sense, but these invasions have recently become more regular with five occurring in the 1990's alone.

There's some interesting data re Waxwings ringed in Britain showing the nomadic nature of the species in winter, of two birds ringed in Norfolk September 1974, one was recovered in Sweden the following December, whilst the other was east of Moscow in October 3 years later in 1977. A bird ringed in Poland was recovered 5,500 km away the following winter in eastern Siberia showing the extreme distances the Waxing is capable of travelling.

The origins of Waxwings visiting Britain remains uncertain, this coupled with the variable timing, numbers involved and onward movement during these invasions leaves it worthy of further study....The Migration Atlas.


Warren Baker said...

Well lets hope one or two wander my way Pete!

Richard Pegler said...

I'm keeping my fingers, and everything else, crossed. Pete. A few years ago we were lucky enough to have a flock feeding in a tree 55 metres down the road from our front door!

I hope that the predicted snow doesn't cause you too many problems.

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren/Richard....Waxwing at Kingsdown in Kent, flew over Queensdown Road at 7.05am this morning....Eyes down - or should that be up - and look in!

Noushka said...

Oh my, this is really a species I would love to see and photograph!!
How lucky you are to get to see them even if they are unpredictable!
Wet, cold and windy today here, I bet you're not better off!
Keep well Pete!

Pete Woodruff said...

I've e-mailed you for more on your not seeing the Waxwing.

Thanks for your contribution Noushka.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Ohhh!!! Waxwing!!! I love..

have a great week my friend