Monday, 28 November 2016

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills.

A brilliant day on Saturday, and nothing was going to stop me from another visit to Birk Bank, and how pleased I ended up being about that, there was more gold to be found as I soon found out as I levelled up on the climb to the top of Birk Bank and found my first of 6 Stonechat, seen as three pairs bringing the total to seven wintering pairs in my last two days in Bowland. Fourteen Stonechat on winter territory does'nt sound like the record book is bursting at the seems with the species, until you look at the recent history book that is....This is looking good. 

Jack Snipe Marc Heath

Not many yards on after finding the first pair of Stonechat, a Jack Snipe waited until I almost stood on it before being flushed from it's secluded, well-vegetated soggy place, startling me and characteristically flying off silent, low and straight, and soon dropping back into cover. 

Also heading up to and on Birk Bank, 20 Red Grouse, 8 Long-tailed Tit, 5 Wren, 3 Blackbird, 3 Robin, 2 Goldcrest, single Coal Tit, Great Tit, Blue Tit, and Buzzardthe only raptor of the four hours

Also as seen on my last visit here, a large flock of at least 250 Fieldfare were marauding between Rigg Lane and Birk Bank every time they came into view. Has this mass of winter thrushes really stayed in this area since I saw them here four weeks ago in October.    

Redwing Jan Larsson

I saw just one Redwing in a tree off Rigg Lane, where soon after a Green Woodpecker gave itself away with several strange 'half a yaffle' calls before being seen flying off.

All worthy of being called another good day in my book.

Thanks once again to Marc and Jan for their excellent images to add some sparkle and interest into Birds2blog.

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Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Guauu Beautiful picture of redwing.. Love this bird..