Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Play It Again Sam!

Yesterday was almost a repeat of Monday, the weather certainly so, and in the short time birding the weather allowed me, the birds were pretty much the same too, with nothing significant to note. When I took this 'clik the pik' to see how bad it really was looking upstream on the Lune Estuaryby 1.00pm I was packing my bags once again and off back to Lancaster.

I managed to pick out c.550 Golden Plover through the murk from the bowling green, 12 Black-tailed Godwit, the lone Bar-tailed Godwit again, a Snipe, and 7 Goldeneye

Goosander Warren Baker

Main interest of the day was that earlier I had made another double figure count of 10 Little Grebe at Conder Green, save the one on Conder Pool, nine were in the creeks where I found the Common Sandpiper lurking again. Also of note on Conder Pool, 20 Wigeon, a female Goosander, and 2 Canada Geese which came down on to the pool around 11.30am. 

I saw the report of two Canada Geese departing SE from Middleton NR late morning, and reckon these two arriving on the pool at Conder Green just a few minutes later were the very same two birds.

A circuit around Conder Green achieved little other than 2 Reed Bunting and 3 Blue Tit along the coastal path. 

Nice to think that spring and the first Wheatear is but a few weeks away.

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Bob Bushell said...

Aha, the first Wheatear, love them.