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Friday, 9 March 2012

Another one of those....

....amazing coincidence posts.

Being that the previous post took on the thorny subject of 'how come we didn't hear about this one then'. David Cookson has a post today and by the aforementioned amazing coincidence it relates to the very same species of bird the Dartford Warbler. It is an interesting short article, and as far as DC is concerned has an excellent result. Please take a look at Coals to Newcastle

By the way, I didn't get out birding on Tuesday despite my prediction on Monday evening that there was a 99.9% chance I would do. Unfortunately....nay tragically, plans had to be changed and I was forced to continue with my 'hard labour' project which runs, and runs, and runs, and runs. So I still have to have only my third outing since the last one on 14 October 2011 and that's rather grim I have to tell you. 

Well, however short 'and hopefully sweet' my posts are there's always going to have to be at least one photograph to display in them, so here's two....

                                                                  Bittern. Brian Rafferty.

Thousand of people over the years flock to places like the RSPB Reserve at Leighton Moss, just to hopefully get a glimpse of the Bittern many of who go home disappointed. But on a recent visit to Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve BR took full advantage of this bird behaving remarkably confiding and achieved some brilliant shots of this very elusive bird. 

                                                               Water Rail. Brian Rafferty.

It was BR's lucky day as he also had excellent views of another elusive bird the Water Rail as this brilliant photograph illustrates. Not many can lay claim to seeing both the Bittern and Water Rail on the same day let alone achieve such excellent photographs too.

Please take a look at some more images of these two birds and more HERE 


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Sincerely hope the " hard labour" project comes to an end soon for you.You must be getting very frustated at not getting out birding.

Glad I could be of assistance in providing the above images for you. It was indeed a red letter day.

JRandSue said...

Two stunning shots,outstanding photography.
great Blog.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Brian. I hope you return to this page to see the complimentary comments regarding your 'outstanding photography' from JRandSue who I also thank for their compliments on a 'great blog' much appreciated John and Sue.