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Thursday, 13 December 2018


Interesting material for a gap filler on Birdsblog.

Lapwing. Bob Bushell 

Bob Bushells recent post coincided with 65 Lapwing flying purposefully East over Bowerham, Lancaster today, seen as an early movement on 13 December inland from the coast. 

Iv'e often recorded Lapwing on territory at Newby Moor, Clapham, N York's on the first days of February, but I'd need to be told if this wasn't the earliest record of movement to upland breeding grounds in December.


Noushka said...

Thank you Peter for your interesting input on my blog about the Wood pigeons.
6 million pairs is amazing!
I wish you a great Xmas and a brilliant new year.... where has 2018 gone?!!!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes 6 million, can't remember where I found the claim now, but I've no reason to doubt it. Your posting was also quite amazing about the Wood Pigeon in France.

I wish you also a Very Happy Christmas Noushka.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete!!! Beautiful images...Merry Christmas and my best wishes for these holidays ...

Feliz Navidad

Pete Woodruff said...

Thank You....Un Muy Feliz Navidad to you too Ana.