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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Birding Upland Magic.

Perfect weather for some time on Harrisend to find 6 Stonechatit being early October looking like they're set to winter there, with relations already having left for the coast or maybe further afield to southern Europe or the northern Africa coast.

At least a total of 8 Raven seen, coming into view over the ridge then dropping back down out of view for much of the 3 hours I spent here, it was impossible to say whether I was seeing the same birds all the time. Their behaviour is interpreted as playful, with impressive aerobatics, and very entertaining from a human perspective.

Also several sightings of at least 6 Buzzard with five together at one point, making it difficult to know if six was the total.

In this video, having made a few attempts at some footage, it's difficult to know if they are all 7 Raven in the frame, with Buzzards occasionally in company with them during the visit....View the 40sec video Full Screen and take the test!

Runners up on Harrisend, 8 Red Grouse, 2 Wren, a lone Meadow Pipit, and Kestrel. A butterfly flying fast and purposefully south, was almost certainly a Red Admiral.

My visit to Hawthornthwaite turned out to be with little purpose, with no Stonechat seen. But 20 Red Grouse, included 18 in a Red Arrows style fly past.

I couldn't resist another repeat short video of the water falling down Catshaw Grieve, with the 'Ring Ouzel' Oak in the background showing signs of slowly turning toward autumn gold.

Notes from the history book.

Precisely one day earlier than this year, on my visit to Hawthornthwaite Fell 5 October 2020,  I saw a 1st winter Ring Ouzel, 9 Stonechat, and 40 Red Grouse, which included a flight of 35 birds together.

Garden News.

In my absence....A 'late' Brimstone was through the garden on Friday, courtesy of the Woodruff's. 


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete ... Very cool videos ... I'm glad to see you enjoying nature ... I wish you the best for this Fall ... Take care ...

Richard Pegler said...

That second video sequence is very special, Pete - such a beautiful place, in sight and sound.

Managed to get a bit of a Stonechat fix in Cornwall and on the Scillies, so am feeling quite happy at present!

Stay safe - - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...

Gracias Ana, y buenos deseos para ti también....Pete.

Thank you Richard. I like the Stonechat fix for you in Cornwall and the Scillies, and I'm fully in tune with the happiness they bring....Pete.