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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Golden Moments.

On Monday, I gave Grisedale Brook 2 hours to find 12 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, the result of staking out for 1/4 mile at three positions to Holme Wood. Of these twelve sightings, I eliminated four as duplicate counts, bringing the count to eight.

Also seen in the area, 14 Meadow Brown, 4 Small Heath, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Ringlet, and a Small Skipper.

Fast forward to Hawthornthwaite, where I found just one female Stonechat, which promptly flew off some distance to disappear from view on the east side of Catshaw. A Painted Lady was nice here, also 4 Large White and 2 Small Heath seemed to continue the paucity of butterfly records for me.

White-tailed Bumblebee. Pete Woodruff.

A few White-tailed Bumblebee seen on Hawthornthwaite are regarded as probably Bombus cryptarum, being the species that occupies upland habitats. In July last year, I found at least 60 here, this visit produced less in number.

A heads-up a couple of weeks ago from AC, had me finding 5 Golden-ringed Dragonfly on Cam Brook, to give me the total of an impressive seventeen sightings on the day.

Human Remains.

There's never any shortage of examples of human remains to be found in the Forest of Bowland.

This person - that's me being polite - leaving his dogs crap in a bag at Grisedale Bridge, obviously has a sick sense of humour, with a university degree in ignorance to go with it.

This litter was left behind in the stream below Hawthornthwaite Fell, by some lout who wouldn't have the care to realise they were leaving their empty cans of lager in an AONB....Sad i'nit!

A late record....On Sunday, a walk along the canal to Deep Cutting, was rewarded by 6 Emperor Dragonfly all male.


Richard Pegler said...

I'm as green as the eyes of that Golden-ringed with envy of your sightings, Pete.

I continue to despair at the attitude of some persons to the countryside that they polute. If they care so little about it, why do they go there in the first place?

Best wishes - - - Richard

shelleynaturalist said...

A nice blog and good to see that GRD are occupying a number of sites. Cheers Steve

Marc Heath said...

I knew when I read the title that I was going to be in trouble. A lovely video and stream sound of the GRD. I really must see one soon. Take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard....My sentiments too, 'If they care so little about it, why do they go there in the first place?'. By the way, there was three empty cans out of my shot in the stream.

Steve....I think you might like my next post too, and hopefully also Richard and Marc!

Marc....I could have won a bet about you posting the comments re GRD's.

Many Thanks, with Kind Regards to all.

Ian Mitchell said...

Pete -
I have seen the same thing at Cockersands when people have BBQs near the abbey. You go for a pleasant stroll and come across empty lager cans. How is it they can carry them there full and heavy but can't carry them back when considerably lighter.
Don't get me going about dog poo I could go on all night.
Loved the video of the GRD, nice and relaxing with the sound of the stream running and lambs in the background after being wound up about dog poo and lager cans! Thanks
Got my first hawk moth Poplar Hawk) last night in my trap.
Still not many butterflies in my garden now that the Big Butterfly Count has started, this happened last year and as soon as it was over the numbers exploded.

Thanks for the blog.


Pete Woodruff said...

I've taken note of everything you said, including your comments about litter and dog poo (that's me being polite again).

Take Care Ian.