Friday, 21 November 2008

Coastal Tour

Today with JB/BT which relieves me of
the task of recording the sightings on
the LDBWS website and leaves John to deliver them in his excellent comprehensive manner which puts mine in the shade.

An unremarkable day but enjoyed all the same. The Pink-footed Geese continued to amaze and in the space of under twenty minutes an absolute minimum of 10,000 flew on to Pilling Marsh which made me realise that this method of counting is by far the easiest, you just have to be there when the event gets underway.

The Blackbird by the way is unrelated to today but is in fact a bird I saw in the Newby Moor area which is yet another of the now many Stonechat strongholds I know. This one is just outside our area and into North Yorkshire and is one of the hundreds of birding haunts I discovered in my ten years as a delivery driver for a car parts company, a demanding job of work but one which gelled with my birding interests in a way I could never have imagined when I first applied for the job all those years ago......WOW!

If anyone was to ever asks me what would I change in my life if could go back in time the answer from me couldn't be easier ......I would take up birding when I was ten years old if not before instead of doing a thousand other things which did me no good at all.
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