Sunday, 30 November 2008

Morrisons....Scaup and....

Well you don't walk round Morrisons with bin's round
you're neck unless you want to be regarded as 'odd' but if you're walking/driving along the prom and don't have them round your neck then you're not a 'real' birder are you?

Off Broadway I counted at least 720 Black-tailed Godwit mid afternoon. Minutes later I was in the process of counting what I initially estimated to be in excess of 300 more at Teal Bay when a Peregrine Falcon 'bombed' through, the result of which needs no explanation. However, the combined total of BTG at Broadway/Teal Bay was - in my estimation - in excess of 1,000 birds. A drake and two female Scaup were at Scalestones Point. The two drakes above were on Conder Pool last winter. With other 'things' to attend to today the only other birding event was to fail to connect with the Booths Waxwings for the third time.
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Colin Bushell said...

Hi again Pete,

In answer to your question: Yes that was me you met at Cockersands a couple of years ago looking for the Curlew Sands. Better luck with the Waxwings next time (plenty down here in Preston by the way).


Anonymous said...

Dave M put me onto your excellent blog Pete, which is now bookmarked. I've always followed your posts on LDBWS with interest & it's terrific to beable to read more comprehensive details here.
Cliff Raby

Pete Woodruff said...

Thought it was you Colin. Saw Waxwing at Levens a couple of weeks ago but recall on old friend of mine who's wife once told him when on his merry way to photograph have hundreds of pics of the Waxwing whats your problem. I think she had a point. Thanks for contributing again Colin.

Thanks for your comments too Cliff. Please keep up the good work with your pics.