Saturday, 15 November 2008


Hello and welcome to Birds2blog which I hope will contain at least a little something of interest and if you are reading this then it has already achieved that.

Most of the records and notes in this blog will have been the result of birding days with my good friend and birder John Bateman though 50% of my birding days are done outside the LDBWS area and lots of which are exploring the wild and wonderful uplands. Many are the times I've said how lucky we are in our area in that we can be watching the waders at places like Cockersands one minute and in something like twenty minutes later could be watching a superb male Hen Harrier in the Trough of Bowland.

I intend to continue to submit my records to the LDBWS website and I know of at least one person (John Wilson) who will be pleased to hear this as he has often commented to me how valuable all and everyones records are to the fuller picture of the birds in our area and beyond....thanks for that John.

Some of the highlights seen/found over the past couple of months by me have been the following....

Black-necked Grebe on Conder Pool 1 Sept
Honey Buzzard over Birk Bank 19 Sept
Brent Goose on Pilling Marsh 6 Oct
Med Gulls three seen Cockers Dyke 9 Oct
Common Scoter on Conder Pool 27 Oct
Ross's Goose Cockers Dyke 28 Oct
Scaup on Conder Pool 28 Oct
Whooper Swans an amazing 300+ in the Nateby area on Black Lane 28 Oct
Hooded Crow over Birk Bank 29 Oct
Pink-footed Geese an astounding c.30,000 on Pilling Marsh 12 Nov
Short-eared Owls three on Bradshaw Lane Head 12 Nov
Common Sandpiper still on Conder Pool 12 Nov
Waxwings 19 at Levens Village 14 Nov

If this blog has a link from the LDBWS website then I have a debt of thanks to Andrew McCafferty for allowing me this....Thanks Andrew. And if I clicked in all the right places then you should be able to comment on this blog which I look forward to reading, if I didn't click in all the right places then I will have to see to it that I do.

If you enjoy your birding - in whatever form and wherever you like - as much as me then you really do enjoy your birding.

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