Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Run Around.

Well what do you expect if you target birds this is the penalty.

So JB and I set off for Booths car park to see Waxwings....Arrive at car Waxwings. Depart for Milnthorpe to spend almost an hour having poor to moderate views of two Cattle Egrets hidden behind a hedge, an excellent LDBWS (just) record. Depart for Booths car park for second bite at the Waxwing possibility....Arrive at the car park....still no Waxwings. Depart for Jubilee Tower to see a Snow Bunting....Arrive at Jubilee Snow Bunting. Depart for Cockersands to see another Snow Bunting....Arrive at Snow Bunting. Here endeth the first lesson....what else can I say.

Apparently (RBA) the Cattle Egrets were present until 4.30 when they flew off roost and where?

John has posted his usual comprehensive records for the day on the LDBWS website which - as always - have at least one or two sightings which made a day of running around a little more than is usual for us all the more never fails.

I have no pics of the Cattle Egret so make do with a member of the family Ardeidae the Grey Heron, a quite nasty creature capable of eating a rabbit whole....'scuse me could you repeat that....a quite nasty creature capable of eating a rabbit whole.
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Colin Bushell said...

Hi Pete,

I found the link for your blog on the LDBWS site. Congratulations on such an interesting blog Pete. Being relatively "new" to Lancs I particularly like the insights into how birding locally used to be (Little Terns, Corn Buntings, etc, etc). I'll bookmark this.
Colin Bushell.

Pete Woodruff said...

Many thanks for your comments on the new blog Colin, much appreciated. I'm quite sure we once met briefly a couple of years ago at Cockersands (well where else) and if this is correct we were observing a Curlew Sandpiper here in the autumn.

Hope you find yourself able to contribute again Colin as it may help me to maintain some momentum on this blog and keep the whole thing up and running......time will tell.