Sunday, 23 November 2008

Little Owl

Regularly seen at Cockersands on the
roof of the now fully restored old and
derelict building opposite Bank Houses and very nice too. I got to know the man who was given planning permission on this property, he explained how limited he had been allowed to make changes to the building in his restoration plans. I spoke to him about the resident Little Owl explaining that it would be displaced by the building activities when the work got underway. I have remained to this day quite convinced this understanding person commenced his work on the property sooner than he had originally planned to avoid displacing a breeding bird later that year.

Nothing remarkable about the photograph but it was taken very early one morning in mid August 2004 in thick fog. I had returned here having briefly seen a 'lark/pipit' in the late evening before which I didn't get to grips with. I was convinced I'd 'found something' and had returned to check it out but the only bird I saw that resembled anything like what I had seen the day before, was a Skylark......the Milky Bars are on me!
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