Friday, 19 December 2008

Aborted.... the weather which took a turn for the worse
early afternoon. But not before a couple of hours doing a round with JB/BT during which we found 120 Whooper Swans behind Head Dyke Farm where we attempted to gain permission to get closer to the birds but failed because we couldn't find anybody on the farm premises to grant it. Also a Little Egret seen from Head Dyke Lane. Up to 6 Little Egret were on Pilling Marsh, and one Little Egret on Glasson Marsh. Earlier we had seen Tree Sparrow's on New Road opposite North Woods Hill Farm, and c.20 at the feeding station on New Road. At Eagland Hill c.5,000 Pink-footed Geese here. And at Conder Green the only birds seen were 3 Little Grebe through a wound down car window which invited a passing motorist to drench JB and myself with about two gallon of rain water standing on the road surface, obvious confirmation that someone of illegitimate origin had just driven by.

Botanist's may be interested to see the Marsh Gentian in the pic. A rare plant I prefer not to name the location of on the internet, but which - with the help of my late mentor John Leedal - we found after much searching in Sept/Aug 2004. Subsequent visits over a couple of weeks during these two months turned up eight spikes which I recall excited JL considerably to say the least......halcyon days! I've not the faintest idea where else this plant can be found, but do know the species is a protected one.
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