Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Plan....

....was to give the sea off Morecambe
promenade a good 'going over' on the
incoming tide from Teal Bay to the Stone Jetty on foot. What I didn't know as I left home was that the weather had other ideas. By the time I got to Bare there was something a little worse than a serious sleet shower happening so I bought myself a Daily Mirror (always some doubt about buying one of those) to peruse through until the sleet passed over. Unfortunately once again the weather had other ideas and over an hour later I threw in the towel and headed home with a sulk and a fit of depression coming on. However before this I did get one or two brief moments to estimate 3,000 Knot having arrived - and still doing so - for the high tide roost. Also a similar number of c.250 Black-tailed Godwit were here again as they were on Sunday, and a 'few' uncounted Bar-tailed Godwit and 19 Turnstone noted. A handsome - but with an evil look in its eye - male Sparrowhawk landed on the groyne within 20 mtrs of my car. As I drove away with the aforementioned sulk on my face the three Scaup were again off Scalestones......end of today's story.

I rooted out a little book I started ages ago with notes on 'Bird behaviour and other oddities' it says on the cover. By now the book has amassed 106 notes and this is the last of these notes and represents a first for me as something I didn't know the species ever did. The observation was on the River Lune at Glasson Dock on 24 June this year and reads as follows......A group of 14 young Shelduck were noted to dive on several occasions and were timed staying underwater for up to 10 seconds.
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Dave M said...

I always associate stonechat with you Peter, and more so now you have one as you avatar image on this blog. On several occasions during very cold or wet weather lately virtually the only bird( other than corvids) I have seen on the mosses "round my way" has been the delightful site of a bobbing stone chats- which are seem to be in good numbers.


Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for comments again Dave. These make it all the more reason that we should met up so you can show me 'round your way' in particular where the Stonechats are as I'm a little more than interested in your definition of 'in good numbers' especially as we are now into December and wintering birds. Also perhaps you can point me in the direction of the Redpolls seen recently....look forward to this Dave and thanks again for your contribution to the blog.