Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Caton Moor....

....for two hours only today as I was booked to 'taxi' family to an event at
Caton. I think this comes under the heading 'Husband of the Year' but who knows or cares!

My visit to Caton Moor was rewarded by precisely what I had gone there for in a 1st winter male and female Stonechat, another excellent wintering record, how many more on these moors? The only other birds of note in this brief visit was a Buzzard and a 'few' Fieldfare.

I was alerted in a text this morning by an ace Fylde birder who's initials are SP (that's Starting Price at a bookies) to a single Waxwing a Glasson Dock. Unfortunately I couldn't respond by going there for the reason noted above but I thanked SP for the call. I should also have thanked him for being instrumental - along with CB - in placing a link to this blog on the Fylde Bird Club website, but I overlooked this and hope they both see this entry to put this failure to rights. Thank You.

It is unfortunate there is a down side to all this in that it's becoming a little too regular for these Fylde birders to invade our area albeit at their most northerly point. It's all very well taking a look at our birds but if it continues that they keep finding scarce/rare birds I'm afraid at best a permit only situation is going to have to be put in place, and at worst a total ban will have to be enforced. The matter is being closely monitored.
Once again the photograph is unconnected to the post but was taken recently at Glasson Dock on the Lune Estuary. The count of Wigeon's so far this winter is dramatically down at Glasson Dock and appears only a little better at Cockersands according to JB/PW records.
Another picture gone missing here on my screen anyway....must be a gremlin around as I have no idea why it disappeared.

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