Thursday, 4 December 2008

Rare Diver

The last I heard of this bird was that there was....'no
further sign of the Pacific Diver at Mounts Bay off Marazion in Cornwall this afternoon'.

The photograph here shows a Pacific Diver which gave John Bateman, Brian Townson and myself excellent views on 2 February 2007 at Farnham Gravel Pits in York's and is the result of only one of two rarities I ever photographed, the other being an American Robin at Bingley also in York's which all three of us saw on the same day as the diver which - in terms of 'twitching' - will probably never be beaten by myself being a remarkable double whammy and not a million miles away from Lancaster.

The Turnstone count of yesterday at Morecambe turns out to be a rather good one by all accounts, it certainly interested me. I seem to remember making the comment when I counted c.60 at Cockersands one day that it had been my best to date of this 'never in high numbers' wader, and is likely to have me doing a return visit to Morecambe - when the weather and tides are suitable enough - to do the walk from Teal Bay to the Stone Jetty and try to get to grips with something like the true winter figure of this smart little wader with beautiful plumage both on the ground and in flight. Apparently they are know to have taken to roosting on the groynes so hopefully with any luck they may not be too difficult to count. This should be a very interesting exercise which I look forward to doing.
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