Sunday, 14 December 2008

WeBS Plus.

Well there I was once more, the lonely birder at
the gate at Pilling Lane Ends staring several
thousand birds in the face again and thinking do I really have to count and separate this lot. It may be a little repetitive to say this but....God how do I find myself in these situations.

One or two bonus birds to mention during the count/s. A Pale-bellied Brent Goose was on the sea at high tide off Pilling lane Ends. Off Bodie Hill on Glasson Marsh - yes I do two counts, well how mad am I to do that - a female Scaup was seen along with two Little Egret with another below Waterloo Cottage on the Lune. Also on the Lune I could only count 30 Goldeneye today but still the highest in our area. And at Conder Green a Greenshank was in the channel. Also here a possible 6 Grey Plover, and if anyone was to think whats notable about that the reply would be that this is an all time record for the species at Conder/Glasson where every winter I can find them but never more than four maximum in all the years birding here....have you?
It was good to see two 'birders' have found the wintering Common Sandpiper again at Conder Green proving me wrong in claiming it had done a disappearing act.

Once again - and how many times do I have to say this - the bird above has absolutely nothing to do with today's proceedings but is a reasonable pic of a female Kestrel....isn't it?
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