Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Around Aldcliffe.

OK so whats a Jaguar got to do with today's - or any other days - birding....well absolutely nothing if you're birding around Aldcliffe like I did today but if you're somewhere exotic like Colin Bushell was when he photographed this beautiful creature then its got everything to do with your birding trip. I've viewed this image several times on Colins website and think its great....thanks Colin.

The weather wasn't up to much earlier in the morning but picked up a little towards noon so I decided to give the Aldcliffe Parish a bit of a going over for couple of hours. I left the car at the very far end of the quay and walked towards Freeman's Pools where I soon found the Smew red-head along with about eight Gadwall and a couple of drake Shoveler to note, also a Green Sandpiper and Little Egret on here were nice records.

Aldcliffe Marsh was entirely void of any geese other than c.100 Canada Geese, as I walked south along the embankment I noted c. 20 Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Snipe, and 2 Meadow Pipit. By now the tide was at its height and just south of RC Lane where the track joins the marsh again there is an area of tide wrack renowned for Rock Pipit at this state of the tide and today I found at least eight and possibly ten. A return via the track produced 5 Reed Bunting together (unusual in my record's) 3 Dunnock and 2 Linnet

I take note of a count of 150 Woodcock at a single sighting in Norfolk during the 'ice-age' recently.


Richard Shilling said...

Now I might confuse a partridge with a grouse but I reckon that might be a jaguar! ;-)

Pete Woodruff said...

WHOOOOPS! Cheers Richard.

Not going to 'dump' your correction as I like people to understand I'm human after all despite my inner feelings I'm better than everyone else.

The excellent thing about all this is that you continue to look in on Birds2blog which I really appreciate as you know Rich.

Richard Shilling said...

Yours is about the only blog that I read every single post on. So keep up the good work! (Tigers/jaguars aside ;-))!!

Pete Woodruff said...

You're a star Richard and not on your own apparently....THANKS.

Warren Baker said...

150 woodcocks! That i would love to have seen.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes an amazing number of Woodcock to view at once, can't just remember where I picked that story up from Warren.

mar guerra said...

Magnífico instante, un fuerte saludo.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Like the new header looking across Conder Pool, very atmospheric. Also as you probably already know, I too drooled at Colin Bushel's wonderful Jaguar image.

Also as you know I am now "facebooking" and will be needing lessons !!! Some nice sightings for you at Aldcliffe. You mention 5 Reed Buntings... I also very unusually had seven in my garden this morning !!!

Pete Woodruff said...

I find your seven Reed Buntings quite interesting Brian I usually only see them as pairs at most.

Thanks for looking in.

Thanks also for looking in 'mar guerra' I returned the favour on your website....Much appreciated.