Monday, 8 February 2010

Bewick's Swans.

A moderate pic of four Bewick's Swans on Jeremy Lane in March 2004, but as my excuse it is the copy of a print given to me at the time by my good friend and mentor John Leedal (deceased) who wrote the following words expressing his feeling's about this special creature....'Bewick's Swans are beautiful, the knowledge that they share their life between Lancashire and Siberia enhances the wonder'....thanks John, my sentiments too. I've just realised this picture and the comments quoted on the reverse are a repeat on Birds2blog ('The Swans Are Coming' Tuesday 8 Sept 2009) so for those who have already noted and seen apologies.

My best and most exciting observation of the Bewick's Swan - which I doubt will ever be exceeded - was on 5 January 2002 when I saw two bird's on Pilling Sands which had blue neck collars attached. Subsequent research uncovered the birds to have been marked as 807P and 809P on 12 August 1996 in Sedui Nos, Korovinskaya Bay, Russia.

From the date of being marked it is interesting to note that for over three year's these two birds were never reported as being seen together until 21 November 1999 when they were recorded at Welney WWT in Norfolk. Meanwhile, the wanderings of 807P over the three years apart are roughly outlined here....

Netherlands (two sightings) Ribble Estuary, Martin Mere, Marton Mere, Ludham, Norfolk, and Frecleton. Whilst the wanderings of 809P were....Skipsea, N York's, North Slobs Co Wexford, and Nene Washes, Camb's.

When the bird's were eventually seen together at Welney WWT on 21 November 1999 they were subsequently recorded thirteen times over a three year period at the following outline of location's....Martin Mere, Marton Mere, Oude Bildtdijk, Netherlands, Mistertor Carrs, Nott's, Saltcotes, Lytham, Preesall Sands, Hy Fly Hatcheries, Fluke Hall, Lanc's, and Smallwood Hey.

I have made no enquiries about these two birds since 2007 - I probably will do soon - but do know that following the last sighting noted above at Smallwood Hey in Pilling on 29 November 2002 the bird marked 807P had never been seen since unless/until present day enquiries are made to prove otherwise. Meanwhile, 809P was reported seventeen times since 2002 and was back at Wroot in Lincolnshire on 7 January 2007 leaving us to marvel and be truly amazed at the thought of how many thousand miles this bird will have flow throughout its ten and a half year life since being marked in August 1996. 


Warren Baker said...

Fascinating hearing about the travels of the Swans. Lets hope they have a few more miles in them yet :-)

Pete Marsh said...

Please could you forward me the e-mail if you do ask for an update of the Bewicks. Thanks