Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Filling The Gap Again....

....and that doesn't mean punching someone in the mouth, it means I didn't get any birding in again today save seeing a pleasing c.320 Back-tailed Godwits feeding on the beach below the Clock Tower at Morecambe this afternoon. So one or two of the usual excellent pic's I'm fortunate to have access to which is good news for me in situations like this.

Stuart Piner did all the hard work - nothing new there - on this American Wigeon including finding the bird in the first place. I reckon he achieved this image on the River Lune from Conder Green....thanks for letting me have this picture Stuart, excellent birding as ever.

The bird with the fancy name is the Black-billed Shrike-tyrant - I must learn more about this creature - and is an image returned from North Peru in 2006 by Colin Bushell....Thanks for this Colin I really like this bird that little bit extra, a sort of Spotted Flycatcher lookalike perhaps slightly bigger and a longer bill....don't you think? 

A superb in flight shot of the Short-eared Owl taken by Mike Watson on Crutchenber Fell in Bowland....

....and yet another superb image of the stag Sika Deer in the Gisburn Forest in Bowland by Mike Watson.

Thanks for these Mike, all three of you have contributed to keeping Birds2blog ticking over until tomorrow when I hope to check out Harrisend and Hawthornthwaite Fell's for Stonechat which will cause me some apprehension given that so far I have found not a single bird in the upland habitat's since the ice-age departed.

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