Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bits of Interest.

Large White. Pete Woodruff.

Well for starters a butterfly came to our humble little garden this evening, a reasonably regular event under normal circumstances but this summer hasn't been 'normal circumstances' to date and butterflies have been few and far between in my book though three Painted Ladies I found earlier in the summer appear to have been excellent records . I quickly grabbed my second rate photographic equipment and just had the opportunity to catch this image before the Large White departed resulting in this barely acceptable picture.

Marsh Harrier. Gary Jones.

I decided to contact Gary about this photograph to ask if he would mind if  I posted it on Birds2blog, thankfully Gary agreed that I could. It is the result of some creative editing I did of two of Garys images of a juvenile Marsh Harrier taken at Leighton Moss....Thanks for this Gary, I think it looks good and hope you do too.

And finally, well for pictures anyway....

Grey Seals. Paul Foster.

A nice shot of the Grey Seals which Paul encountered on a recent visit to the Farne Islands....Thanks for this Paul it is much appreciated.

Common Sandpiper.

On Thursday 22 July - amongst the many Common Sandpipers always present at Conder Green each year at migration time - I found a ringed individual and am please to have received the following feedback....

Rings: White above the tibia/Yellow below the tibia and carried the number NV33816.
Ringing Location: Conder Green. 
Date ringed: 3 August 2003.
Age: 3 years.
Wing: 111mm
Weight: 56g
Previous sightings: Nil
Another Common Sandpiper also aged 3 years and ringed on the same date at the same location  was subsequently seen on 17-21 July 2004.

I am extremely grateful to John Wilson, Phil Holland and Richard du Feu for looking into and forwarding this information to me and did so in the space of five days....many thanks to you all.  

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