Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Two Megas, a Moth, and a Tern.

Burnished Brass. Katie Fuller.

There's a couple of 'Megas' in the country at the moment so if its another tick in your little book you're after you'll need to fly off to Norfolk and London. But first an excellent image of an excellent moth the Burnished Brass. OK this is a common moth but non the less a smart one which looks like it has gold leaf on its wings. Thanks to Katie Fuller whose website is HERE and currently has some rather stunning photographs of moths and are well worth a look....thanks again for the BB moth Katie it is much appreciated. 

The River Warbler is - and has been since it's discovery - at Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe in Norfolk on land with no general access but some negotiations have been successful and ongoing to gain access at designated times for birders to view this rarity the first record in Britain of which was as recent as just under fifty years ago on Fair Isle, Shetland, 24 September 1961, it was found  by four men who gained very brief views of the bird before erecting a mist-net.The bird was soon caught but ironically escaped the hands of its captor during a photographic session, but it was soon caught again and taken to a safe place for release.

I myself remember racing down the M6 after work one evening in 1995 with my old pal and mentor John Leedal to Scotsman Flash in Greater Manchester to observe a River Warbler at a distance with its amazing song which is given with the bill fully opened, it is a high-pitched, pulsating z-z-z-z-z-z which rises and falls in pitch as the bird turns its head from side to side, the song is even more amazing in that at the same time it gives a metallic undertone which is more cricket-like and reminiscent of a slowly spinning bicycle wheel....a truly amazing experience to see/hear. 

The other rarity is that of another White-tailed Plover at Rainham Marshes in London, to follow the one in May this year at Seaforth in Liverpool which itself followed the famous Leighton Moss bird which stayed for eight days from 10-17 June 2007.

And finally....

Common Tern. Gary Jones.

Another cool image of another cool Common Tern at Preston Docks. I had no idea the terns were being accommodated and breed at this location until I read about them on Garys website HERE....Thanks for this photograph Gary. 


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