Friday, 30 July 2010


Today's birding with JB/BT was a sluggish affair to say the least and which also came to a close at an early stage due - as ever - to the beautiful summer weather we are currently experiencing.

Surf Scoters. David Baker.

But of Davids photographs. David and his father Paul - both from British Columbia in Canada - have extensive photo libraries and having recently been in touch with Paul he welcomes the use of his photographs on Birds2blog and boy am I grateful for that....Thanks for this one David it is much appreciated and shows a species I'm not expecting to see in this country any time soon.

Well today's 'sluggish birding' began at Conder Green where we soon saw the female Ruff once again in the creeks where I counted 12 Common Sandpipers. On Conder Pool the Little Grebe seen again as were the three summering Wigeon, also a Goosander, and 88 Lapwing.

We left Conder Green but unknown to us all at the time the day then slowly began to grind to a halt, but we had decided to go to Knott End where the 'terns' would be beginning to congregate on the beach as they do annually around August and three figure counts are not unusual, but unfortunately the aforementioned weather had already begun to turn nasty but I did count 8 Sandwich Terns before we had to run for cover. On the way here we had driven along Gulf Lane, at one point yesterday two Marsh Harriers had been seen in this and the Sand Villa area but no sign today, but we did find at least 40 Tree Sparrows along here near Moss Edge Farm, I've seen them in the area before but a couple of years ago since I did, also along the lane more Green-veined White butterflies than I ever saw before in any one sighting with a count of forty being easy.

A call in at Cockersands would have found me struggling to find an answer to the question why, but I did note 14 Eider drifting by on the tide. And that was it, the end, all over, finished, throwing the towel in, good bye....Life - and the weather - can be so exciting at times karnit!

And finally....

Fox Sparrow. Paul Baker.

Not the most glamorous of birds the Fox Sparrow, but look at those 'arrowheads' brilliant aren't they. Thanks for this Paul.


Phil said...

If you go to KE you will need your passport stamped at the border post. But good luck.

Pete Woodruff said...

Fully paid up 'Life Member' at Knott End Phil.

That makes our score one all!!