Monday, 19 July 2010

Stupid Printer....

For starters and as a light relief from birds and birding of which I had neither again today - and this is getting serious - I'm posting this positively brilliant video of the cat trying to get the printer to function. It doesn't matter whether or not you like cats, I do and think they are quite amazing creatures but you have to know them and have one to understand a statement that cats are amazing....see what you think and make your own mind up whether this video is funny - hilarious even - or not, I hope its not the latter as you may have problems you haven't recognised if it is. But please resist the temptation to tell me cats are responsible for the killing of thousands of birds....won't you!

Brian Rafferty published an excellent post on his blog on Sunday, excellent for more than one reason but in particular because I'm pleased he found the Spotted Flycatcher obviously breeding and feeding young at Christ Church near Abbeystead as the photograph below illustrates. JB/BT and I had found the Spotted Flycatcher back here again this year a while back and a visit here recently had the bonus of Redstarts with juveniles too, so a good result at this location in 2010 especially the flycatcher, being a bird in serious decline it is always an excellent reward to find this species.

Spotted Flycatcher. Brian Rafferty.

Christ Church is a classic example of an English country church, and I would suggest has one of the best views from its churchyard anywhere in the north of England if not in the UK. Please take a look at BR's website HERE and see for yourself the landscape photograph in his post which shows the impressive Hawthornthwaite Fell which is just a fraction of the full panoramic view afforded from this splendid location.

And finally.... 

Turnstones. Geoff Gradwell. 

Looking in on Geoff Gradwells website HERE I found this brilliant photograph of one of my favourite waders the Turnstone which he took at Knott End. Thanks for this Geoff it is much appreciated, and also to Brian for the Spotted Flycatcher. 


Warren Baker said...

Now that was funny Pete! :-)

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. This is absolutely brilliant.... your cat is a star!! This is the best laugh I have had for a long time and has certainly brightened up what has been a terrible day weatherwise. I am sure this will get many hits on You Tube. Cats really are amazing animals.
Glad you enjoyed the flycatcher posting and thanks for the plug. Take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Warren/Brian.

Thought you'd like this Brian as I know - like us - you're a cat owner, it really is quite funny. And yes I did enjoy the 'flycatcher' post for the reasons you're well aware of....excellent stuff!