Saturday, 17 July 2010

Double Trouble!

I have two problems today, in the first place its Saturday and - like it or not - I never get birding on Saturday, and secondly I have little time for blogging. However, I do have time to post three pictures and its always a pleasure to put up some good photographs from good photographers.

Beautiful Golden Y. Katie Fuller. 

All the photographs are of common and widespread species including this smart Beautiful Golden Y moth. I always like to have links to the people who's images I use and Katie can be found HERE where you can see some excellent shots of some moths Katie has been trapping recently along with other subjects in her posts on her website.

Blue Dasher. Paul Baker.

Well, common and widespread or not, this is one I'm not likely ever to see, the stunning male Blue Dasher, and is to be found throughout the US along with....

California Darner. Paul Baker.

The California Darner which is also common and widespread from California north through British Columbia. We don't have dashers and darners in the UK but with some reading up on this particular species I discovered it can be easily confused by the casual eye with the Blue-eyed Darner. Thanks to Katie and Paul for these excellent images they are much appreciated and have helped me to 'fill the gap' once more.

I reckon the Hobby seen this afternoon flying west over Cockerham Marsh as viewed from Bank End, is the very same bird as seen twice by PS on July 2/14 over Pilling Marsh, I also reckon it is reasonable to suggest this bird has been in the area all summer, and more to the point is breeding in the area too.

And finally....If you haven't seen my post of yesterday 'Cuts to come!' please take a look at it and consider signing the letter via the link.     



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