Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Irresistible Blog!

Well....I can't resist posting this evening for one or two reasons and a pic. The reasons not least of which is the excellent and intriguing news about a Cuckoo having reached Africa much sooner than anybody ever thought they did, having left the UK sooner than anybody ever thought they did too. This bird is now apparently on the northern slope of the Atlas Mountains in the Sidi-bel-Abbes region of north western Algeria having migrated via Spain, something else nobody ever thought they did, of course I'm talking about....CLEMENT THE CUCKOO

Heath Fritillary. Paul The Tortoise Man

OK....The photograph is an excellent one of the Heath Fritillary with thanks to Paul, but a Large Tortoiseshell has been found today on the Scilly Isles. The Large Tortoiseshell is officially extinct in Britain, though previously seen in the largest concentrations in the south and eastern England, it has never been recorded in Ireland.

And finally....

Take heart once again all ye who have suffered at the hands of a mis-ID....Oh come on, we all suffer at the hands of mis-ID, I certainly have and probably will do so again. A Greater Yellowlegs reported yesterday in N'hants has turned out to have been a Greenshank....Whoops!!

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