Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Interesting bits!

Something about a book, something about Badgers, a couple of 'top of the range' photographs, and another photograph of a rarity in the country with some history about the species.

First the book which is about Nest Monitoring....don't forget to read the comments....interesting.

Then perhaps you'd like to help Save the Badger....I did....'cos its morally indefensible, and scientifically claimed to be not going to work, and thats the side I come down on heavily.

And the pics....

Blackcap. Geoff Gradwell

GG doesn't just have the Blackcap visiting his garden lucky him, he also gets an excellent photograph of the bird.

Whitethroat. Phil Slade

And the Whitethroat with thanks to my man from the Fylde.

Stilt Sandpiper
Stilt Sandpiper. Dan Pancamo 

A Stilt Sandpiper was found at Lodmoor RSPB Reserve in Dorset on Sunday 24 July and still remains there today. The bird is a North American wader which winters in South America, we won't go down the road about 'whats an American wader - which breeds and winters there - doing in Dorset'.

The first record of this species in Britain was of a bird found by two boys in August 1954 at Kilnsea in East Yorkshire, they were staying at the Spurn Bird Observatory and actually saw the bird again the next day. On the 2 September some birders were alerted to the finding and in due course the bird was accepted as being the first British occurrence of the Stilt Sandpiper. This species remains a very rare vagrant to Britain, but an individual visited various sites over a six month period in Cheshire in 1984 and is by far the longest staying Stilt Sandpiper in Britain.

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