Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Young Ones.... a link to the very creative Landart man RS, and another link, this one to Chris the satellite tagged Cuckoo who 'may' be dead, though this is just me at my most pessimistic.

Little Owl. Phil Slade

Three contributors to Birds2blog have taken some excellent photographs of young birds recently and they are great material for my 'gap filler' post. In no particular order, the man from the Fylde achieved this brilliant shot of the young Little Owl which is a bird that can be found at numerous locations in our area, they are excellent subjects for photography, if you find one and pull up quietly and even quiet close in your car they are very tolerant of your presence and will simply glare at you with that....'oh no not another one of those idiot birder/photographers again'....whilst you fumble with the camera to gain winners like this one from PS.

Dunnock. Warren Baker

Another young one is the Dunnock from my man in Kent who is a daily reader of Birds2blog and always prepared to make a comment which is much appreciated and an encouragement for me to  'keep on blogging'....Thanks Warren. 

Meadow Pipit. John Bateman.

And last - but in no sense least - a photograph of the young Meadow Pipit. This is the second young bird of this species for JB and myself in the same week, if you haven't seen and read about the first one it's HERE it was being fed by a parent bird and gave John an excellent opportunity to 'get clicking'....Thanks for this and the Bowland bird, just another example of what our birding is all about John.

Variegated Oak Leaf Curtain
Landart by Richard Shilling.

Cycle Leaf
Landart by Richard Shilling.

Time for another update on the 'doings' of RS and its always best to take a look for yourself at his website. This man continues to amaze me, he's always in my sidebar....and HERE  

Chris. Courtesy of BTO.

If you've been taking an interest in the five satellite tagged Cuckoos you may like to have an update on them, in particular CHRIS whose tag doesn't appear to be transmitting for some reason or other....all riveting stuff. 

Hopefully an update of my own tomorrow with the traditional Monday four hours to spare for birding in the Conder Green/Glasson Dock/Cockersand area.

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Warren Baker said...

I wasn't looking forward to the bad news part of the Cuckoo tracking :-( I knew they wouldn't all make it, they can't all survive.

Good luck with the four hours tomorrow Pete :-)