Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Commercial Break....

.... and a couple of pics of 'southern birds'. 

I don't know Tony Duckett and had no idea anyone was 'covering' Regents Park in London like he does, but I intend to take a closer regular look at his blog in the future to find out just how long he has been engaged in recording the birds of this interesting area.

The picture - which pleased me no end as you can imagine - of the annual report in the blog links you to the full content of the report which covers comprehensively the birds seen during the year. I was duly impressed by the coverage Tony gives the birds in this brilliant park in London which I walked through myself on a recent visit to London in 2010.

Please take a look via the link below at this interesting and sometimes amazing park and the birds it hosts as residents, along with the many surprising visitors it has over a year long period. I was very surprised to find the Check List holds an astonishing 210 species including a currently present for 13 days 'redhead' Smew. Regents Park Birds 

And whilst we're in the south....

Song Thrush Warren Baker 

Thanks to the Kentish Mr Baker - a regular contributor to Birds2blog - for the excellent image of the Song Thrush.

Jack Snipe Marc Heath

Thanks to the - also Kentish - Mr Heath for the excellent Jack Snipe image, surely one of the more difficult birds to photograph. A passage migrant and winter visitor to Britain, the origins of which is unclear, though recoveries of birds ringed in Scandinavia indicate Fennoscandia as a likely source.



Warren Baker said...

Ive dipped in and out of that regents park blog Pete, some good records he gets too!

news said...

Hi Pete. Some interesting records for our Capital City suprising what you see All the best JWB.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, I was amazed at the species list and number for this London park Warren, and he's as dedicated as you are to Pittswood.

Just as I have said above John. I hope you are well and I'll be round to see you soon.