Monday, 13 February 2012

Second post in two days!

No credit needed for this image of the Hawfinch, a bird lots of us go mad to see let alone to find, but not in someones mitt like this unfortunate individual. Please read on.... this a big surprise, two posts in two days on the partially closed down Birds2blog from a birder who isn't a birder at all at the moment....well a lot more than a moment I'm afraid. 

But wait a minute, I'm going to come across as a big mouth with a big shout - well at times I can be - but can I ask you to put away your optics, your twitching gear, your tick book and pencil, and your birding ego for a while and take time to keep up to date on all the negative things happening on a daily basis in many parts of the world to our wildlife and in our case especially the birds.

Please take a look at some people who actively do something to try to stem if not stop the slaughter of birds....Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) HERE

Well this is Birds2blog, so to brighten things up, how about these three brilliant wader images....

Purple Sandpiper David Cookson 

Greenshank Brian Rafferty

Bar-tailed Godwit Marc Heath

Thanks to DC/BR/MH for the usual and consistent excellent photographs I'm allowed to share on Birds2blog.

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Hi Pete Thanks for showing the Cabs report JWB.