Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fed Up! you're fed up of hearing me going on about my 'no birding' life of late, but not as fed up as I am about living it. So here's a pic or two - all yours truly - of just a fraction of my birding paradises I'm looking forward to this coming spring/summer when the shackles are released more than I have ever done before.

Conder Green. 

This winter hasn't been remotely anything like the past two, and although this scene looks attractive I prefer the weather a little more friendly than it was when I took this pic at Conder Green last winter. I just can't wait to get myself giving this area a good going over to check out the bird life once again....

Plover Scar.

....followed smartly by a wander around this brilliant area at Cockersands, host to Broad-billed Sandpiper, American Golden Plover, Long-billed Dowitcher, Kentish Plover and....I forgot the rest!

Clougha Pike.

Of course this has to be my biggest goal, to get back up Clougha/Birk Bank, although I gave up on this area last year, after the demise of the Stonechats following the big freeze I'll be back with a vengeance to keep tabs on the comeback of this delightful and complex little 'chat'.

View from Hawthornthwaite Fell.

Hawthornthwaite, another of my many favourite upland locations for the Stonechat and who knows what else might be lurking around in this area of natural beauty, the only upland area I found breeding Stonechats in 2011 - and I never thought I'd ever have to put that down in writing about the Stonechat ever again - with nine birds found here on 30 June including a pair with a full brood. 

Cross of Greet.

Another brilliant area of upland Bowland beauty complete with excellent records of Whinchat over the past two summers, with 10 found in May 2010, and seven in the same month 2011....can't wait to get back here mister! 


Well I suppose this post could be a mile long....but finally, Stoops Bridge at Abbeystead, home to the Pied Flycatcher hopefully again this year with the added bonus of nesting in a natural tree-hole as opposed to a 'box', with two pairs found here doing just that in 2010. 

If you've read through this and enjoyed it my efforts were worth while, if you didn't, I wasted my time!  


Christian said...

No time wasted mate. Lovely scenes and promises of future birding.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete.I always enjoy your blog...nice to see some of your pics of your favourite areas...won't be long now before the stonechats are back !! Look forward to seeing the sun shine again as well !!

Warren Baker said...

Whetted my appertite Pete :-) just waiting for a ''chat'' at migrant alley now :-)