Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chats in the park....

....and theres more, but not Williamsons Park!

Stonechat. Tony Duckett. 

Since I recently found Tony Ducketts blog covering the Royal Parks Regent/Bushy in London I've discovered a dedication to patchwork worthy of commendation. And Bushy Park yesterday Tony found Stonechats. So, no Stonechats in our area in the North of England, but Stonechats in February in the metropolis.... who'd a thought!  

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Tony Duckett.  

But wait a minute....not just the Stonechat in the capital, but a stunning little Lesser-spotted Woodpecker on the very same day. 

I'm in disbelief, a species disappeared from our area and beyond since the big freeze of last winter - which thankfully may not be going to return this winter - and a species - the latter - a long time extinct in our recording area and beyond. Add to this the staying 'redhead' Smew and I think I'd better keep an eye on this man to see 'whats next' at his Central London location at Regents Park 


Sorry about the large white void, its a video which I don't appear to have downloaded correctly and I can't get rid of it now either. Obviously not as computer literate as I had first thought!

Kestrel. Tim Crossley.

One or two of my contact/birding/photographer friends have been in touch recently and I've received several images including these two of the Kestrels on the verge of fledging last summer. Tim found this family in an old derelict warehouse in the centre of industrial Lancashire. 

Barn Owl. Ian Tallon.

And Ian sent me this excellent one of the Barn Owl. It was good to be in touch again Tim/Ian and many thanks for allowing me to share the photographs, much appreciated.


Warren Baker said...

Its surprising what turns up given the right habitat Pete, no matter how small it is.

David Cookson said...

Pete, lesser spotted at Moore NR and one has been heard but not seen around Yarrow Valley. All the best mate.

Pete Woodruff said...

I'm impressed with Tony, his birds, and his location Warren.

Thanks for this David, long time no hear. I've been going to ring you but apologies for not having done so, but I'm likely to any day now.