Thursday, 2 February 2012

Going Public!

There's an issue about wildfowling which is going to get out of hand as far as I'm concerned and I have decided to make use of Birds2blog as the platform for me to clear it all up from my own perspective before it does. However - if you are still interested - to fully understand what this is all about. It is essential - if you haven't already done so - that you read my recent post Something of a coincidence followed by THIS 

I think the contribution by this person on the LDBWS website is to be applauded regarding this appalling act on Glasson Marsh, the people - and their kind - referred to should get all the publicity possible and thanks should go to him for highlighting and reporting such behavior.  

I have been asked to provide my opinion as to whether I think this incident on Tuesday 31 January and those involved could be connected with those mentioned in 'Something of a coincidence' the reply to which is....I would err on the side that the two seen on Glasson Marsh on Sunday 15 January as far as I could see were 'real deal' wildfowlers and that I had no other reason to suspect otherwise in the short time I spent at the location on that date, but.....the truth is, how on earth would I know void of any other evidence.

The case is now closed as far as I am concerned and my decision to terminate my WeBS counts stands. It goes without my saying, I can only hope there can be some success in tracking down the perpetrators of this disgusting act towards our wildlife.

Goldeneye. Dave Appleton.

Yesterday I counted a staggering absolute minimum of 172 Goldeneye on the River Lune at Glasson Dock. Unfortunately most were distant and the light was fading at 4.30pm, but I'm firmly convinced these two factors and the birds constantly diving made the count of up to 200 individuals here an impossibility....but - given half a chance - I'll be back to try again sometime soon and provide the evidence that the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock held up to/in excess of 200 Goldeneye in 2012.

Goldeneye. Dave Appleton.

More on my second 'Great Escape' when I can find the time to draw up my next post.

Many thanks to DA images of the Goldeneyes, much appreciated Dave. 


Warren Baker said...

200 Goldeneye!! that must be some sight!

PS:I'm with you on the wildfowl issue

news said...

Hi Pete. Glad you are pinching an hour or two Bt & I only had c50 G/eye to cold to hang about JWB