Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Filling the gap again!

Snowy Owl. Tim Kuhn.

I've recently been in touch with Tim Kuhn, a wildlife photographer who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and what better way to 'fill the gap' on Birdsblog than to post a couple of images of what must be the world most enigmatic owl the Snowy.

For those living in the northern parts of America, and the southern parts of Canada, they are enjoying the results of a Snowy Owl irruption brought about by a crash in Lemming numbers on which they depend as a food source. So for those who live in the outer limits of their migration they can enjoy observing the larger numbers than is usual which are moving further south than is usual in a none-irruptive year. 

Snowy Owl. Tim Kuhn.

Tim took full advantage of this movement of the Snowy Owls and the results are a 'feast for sore eyes' as the old saying goes. Please treat yourself to some stunning wildlife and landscape photography by Tim Kuhn....Thanks for keeping in touch Tim, much appreciated.

In relation to the Snowy Owl in Britain, it is a relatively rare vagrant, seldom acquiring more than one or two records in a year, though in northern Scotland there are well over 400 records, the earliest being of birds on Unst, Shetland in 1811. There is a famous breeding record on Fetlar, Shetland, ranging from 1967 - 1975, during which time an amazing 20 young where reared. One female survived here up to 1994, but remained lonely and breeding was made impossible through the lack of a male bird.

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Robin R Robinson said...

Wonderful photos and I especially love the gannet grazing the surf in the banner. Nice!