Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Rake Around The Green....

....and a look in at Glasson Dock and Cockersands.

Little Grebe Phillip Tomkinson 

Something of a surprise on Conder Pool on Tuesday when a few minutes after I arrived there, from behind the island up pops a brilliant summer plumage Little Grebe. I don't recall seeing a Little Grebe on Conder Pool before during the breeding season, but must check my records on that claim. The pool was otherwise very quiet, the two summering Wigeon, and 8 Redshank roosting, with another Redshank in the creeks displaying to a female, and an Oystercatcher close by with one young. A Lesser Whitethroat was working its way along the hedgerow between the viewing platform and the west end of the pool. The Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler, and Dunnock were all in the same area that I saw them last Tuesday when they were all singing in the same bush, I reckon these three are all breeding close by. The Lune Estuary was unsurprisingly quiet with the number now down to 14 Bar-tailed Godwit, and 5 Eider noted.

Whitethroat. Howard Stockdale.

A Whitethroat was in song along Moss Lane on the way to Cockersands which turned out to be something of a 'damp squid' and I was rewarded with little for my efforts. Mr Mutt was out on Plover Scar with his unleashed half a dozen charges, though the tide was out this guy and hounds would have disturbed anything and everything. Though I went through my traditional routine, the best I achieved was 2 Sedge Warbler, 3 Linnet, 3 Tree Sparrow - one of which was a fledged young - and a Skylark.

Two more excellent images on Birds2blog, thanks to Phillip for the Little Grebe, and to Howard for the young Whitethroat, which I reckon is a fledged offspring of the very bird I saw singing atop of a bush on Moss Lane today.

And finally, some interesting news....

One of this years Cuckoos tagged in the New Forest has already departed the country on its return journey to Africa and was in northern France by 8 June.....

And some even more interesting news, is that of three active Hen Harrier nests in England two of which are in Bowland....ALLELUIA.

And the Osprey is nesting at Foulshaw Moss.


Mark said...

Thursday, 12 June 2014
Burnsbeck Moss,Swarther Plantation,Kitmere and Wakebarrow Scar East
A copy of my report which is on the Birds In South Cumbria blog.
Not sure if you ever cover this area but there are 2 Stonechat families here this year.
Found a Stonechat near the Heights which is a new area.May however be from the Kitmere family seen a couple of weeks ago.
Another Stonechat family of 2 adults and 3 juveniles at Bannisdale just north of Kendal.
All the best

A circular walk where there is a good chance of seeing a variety of birds.

Burnsbeck Moss
Greeted by a Grasshopper Warbler reeling near the reserve entrance,
There were also-
2 Sedge Warbler
4 Reed Bunting
A Common Snipe was chipping just off the reserve
3 Meadow Pipit
1 Buzzard
A few Willow Warbler and Chaffinch.
1 G.S. Woodpecker
2 Mistle Thrush
1 Garden Warbler singing.

Swarther Plantation
It is well worth checking the fenced off heather area on the east side of the road.
There was a Common Snipe on a fence post and another one chipping.
A male Stonechat was on a fence post and a juvenile on a wall near the road.
4 Reed Bunting
A family of Northern Wheatear just further on towards Wyndhammere;2 adults and 2 juvenile.
Lots of Skylark around here as well as many Meadow Pipit[38 on the whole walk]
1 Mistle Thrush
A Cuckoo was heard in the distance:probably the same one heard at Wakebarrow Scar East.

Kitmere Path
Another area of heather on your right worth a close look.
A Common Snipe was heard chipping.
Another Cuckoo calling from the Kitmere area.
4 Reed Bunting
2 Linnet
1 Lesser Redpoll
4 Mistle Thrush
A few Skylark and Meadow Pipit.
A family of Stonechat were here a couple of weeks ago but not today.

The Heights
There is yet another heather area just south west of The Heights.
For years I have wondered why I have never seen a Stonechat in here.
Today I heard one close by for the first time!
There was also a Curlew and some Meadow Pipit.
2 Lapwing were in the field south east of The Heights.

Wakebarrow Scar East

A good day to see and hear Yellowhammer in Gorse Valley;at least seven.
Also a lot of active Common Redstart:5 adults and 2 juveniles.
The Cuckoo heard from the Swarther Plantation could well have been the same one heard here.
2 Lesser Redpoll
1 Stock Dove
Several House Martin,Barn Swallow and Swift.
3 Curlew
2 Kestrel
2 Pied Wagtail
Several Willow Warbler and Chaffinch

Mark said...
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