Sunday, 8 June 2014


Stonechat. Howard Stockdale.

Seven hours in Bowland on Friday, exactly one year since my last visit to the Cross of Greet/White Greet/Bloe Greet area where I was more than a little pleased to find 9 Stonechat, with evidence of three breeding successes, including three juvenile with a male at White Greet on the wall running down from the cattle grid. It is interesting to note, that of the multitude of Stonechat sightings Iv'e had over the years at upland locations in Bowland, this one is a particular area noted in my records as more consistent than any other. Another interesting observation today was of two juvenile Stonechat together seen chasing a dragonfly.

Meadow Pipit Simon Hawtin  

I counted an abundance of at least 62 Meadow Pipit on the three mile drop down from the top cattle grid to Greet Bridge and the skirting of Bloe Greet. 

Spotted Flycatcher. Warren Baker.

At the plantation at Greet Bridge whilst looking for a Cuckoo which I heard close by I found a Spotted Flycatchersaw 3 Willow Warblerand heard a Song Thrush.

Also on the day, a disappointing low count of 4 Wheatear, also 3 Reed Bunting were all male, 2 Skylark, and 2 Greylag on a mission flew high and purposefully north. A Buzzard over was the only raptor I saw all day.


On The Rocks. Pete Woodruff.

More sheep than birds in Bowland today, but take a look at the habitat in the picture above, perfect for Whinchat, but not a one to be found in seven hours and as many miles of searching. Compare this to past Whinchat records I've collected in the same area as today....15 including 4 young on 29 June 2009, 10 on 21 May 2010.

Thanks to Howard/Simon/Warren, brilliant birds, brilliant photography....To see 'em big time 'clik the pik'.


Paul Foster said...

Hi Peter,looks like you had an interesting day at C O Greet.Yeah very disappoiting re Whinchat,had a pair and a lone male 3 weeks ago whilst out with Brian rafferty plus ring ouzel.I was there fri too --5.oopm till 8.00 and had a pair of cuckoo below the bridge around the sheep pens.Lets hope the whinchat have bred and perhaps moved higher up the valley.Also found 1 stonechat with one youngster around the big tree halfway ip!!!

Martin Jump said...

What a great area to visit and good news on the stonechats Pete.Just OOYA eight stonechates seen last week,3males,1 female,and4 young on Longridge Fell.No sign of any winchats.MJ.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete!!! interesting and beautiful shots.. Lovely header.. Have a nice week..

Pete Woodruff said...
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Pete Woodruff said...

Paul....Thanks for this. I'd seen you had Whinchat/Stonechat with BR recently here. Thanks for your input Paul.

Martin....The status of the Whinchat appears to be worsening. Thanks for the Stonechat record, much appreciated Martin.

Ana....Thanks for looking in again, and your kind comments.