Friday, 20 June 2014

All Quiet....

....on the coastal front.

I was back at Conder Green yesterday to find Conder Pool not unexpectedly quiet, noting 23 Lapwing with at least three juvenile, and Oystercatchers with three young, and the 2 Wigeon drake. A Lesser Whitethroat was again skulking in the hedgerow west of the pool, and both River Winds and Cafe d' Lune have just two House Martin nests each this year, though worryingly the latter has scaffolding erected up to within a few metres of one of the nests since I was last here. The Lune Estuary was equally quiet with 4 Eider hauled out, and 3 Little Egret.

On Moss Lane a Whitethroat in song again and at Cockersands, 3 Little Egret were in the Cocker Channel, 3-4 House Martin were unusual around Bank Houses though not nesting at the farm to my knowledge, a 'few' Tree Sparrow were with 15 House Sparrow in a bush by Bank House Cottage, 4 Goldfinch noted, with a Skylark in flight song.

An altogether quiet few birding hours.

Small Skipper Phillip Tomkinson 

With the exception of two other brief butterflies elsewhere which escaped me, 2 Small Skipper at Conder Green were the only ones seen. Thanks to PT for the image.

The Foulshaw Ospreys.

Osprey Richard Pegler 

The Ospreys at Foulshaw Moss now have two chicks in the nest, an excellent piece of local news. 

Richard Pegler offers his services as a volunteer for the Osprey Watch at Rutland Water in the East Midlands. Great stuff Richard, and thank you for the image of Maya, one of the famous Rutland Water Ospreys 


Richard Pegler said...

Hi Pete. Thanks for the mention of the Rutland Ospreys. Please can I mention that the Osprey image was a screengrab from the nestcam that I took whilst on duty there. I'd hate anyone to think that I'd been anywhere near an Osprey on a nest, as it would not only be unacceptable but totally illegal too as this is a Schedule 1 protected bird - which is one of the reasons that we closely monitor them round the clock when they're breeding.

Keep up the good work - - Richard

Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
Back from wales now :-) I went to see the Ospreys at Ynis Hir, had great views from the large TV screen there!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard....I'll put the Osprey image issue right, and think it was important you pointed this out to me.

Warren....Good to see you back from Wales and 'back on the job'.