Thursday, 19 February 2015

Anything Interesting!

On Tuesday whilst observing the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock, I was approached by a passer by and asked if I had seen anything of interest. I was eventually pleasant - naturally - to this person who unfortunately came up to me just as I had picked up what was obviously an 'odd' Black-headed Gull assuming adult winter plumage, but with yellow legs and bill which was black at the tip, and just a faint black ear spot on an otherwise pure white head, this bird was a follow on from the recent 'Brown Knot' at Cockersands. Another Black-headed Gull seen was ringed but too distant to read, it could well have been 6CY seen here on 1 and 26 September 2014.

Mediterranean Gull Jan Larsson 

But in reply to the query I showed the man 2 Mediterranean Gull which were both adult, c.600 Golden Plover, 20 Goldeneye, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, a pair of Red-breasted Merganser, a Goosander, and a Peregrine Falcon which was on the south end of Colloway Marsh again....I think he left quite pleased with himself. 

Wigeon Martin Jump  

I never tire of finding the Spotted Redshank and Common Sandpiper at Conder Green which I did again on Tuesday, with the exception of a few weeks during the breeding season the former now spends the year at Conder Green, and the latter has spent at least four winters here. Also of note, 4 Little Grebe, a pair of Goosander, and 45 Wigeon were split between the pool and creeks. On the canal basin I counted 32 Goldeneye.  

Redwing Warren Baker  

In and around the Bank Houses horse paddock at Cockersands, a single Redwing, 12 Blackbird, 2 Song Thrush, a Mistle Thrush, and 4 Stock Dove. The field off Moss Lane still held an uncounted but estimated 260 Whooper Swan, with 22 Bewick's Swan including four juveniles.

This had been a relaxing birding session following on from earlier assisting the man from MLC in the collection of three dead Mute Swans in the area, with two more having been collected this morning from Cockersands. I'm hoping to have some feedback on all of this soon.


Warren Baker said...

Something aint right there pete, 8 dead swans :-( I hope it turns out to be nothing sinister :-(

Bob Bushell said...

The Med Gull, the Wigeon and the Redwing looking photos. But all 8 dead Swans, I can't believe that, horrible.