Tuesday, 17 February 2015

....And A Garden First.

Having made the arrangements I met up with the man from MLC Services Ltd and we collected three of the dead Mute Swans I posted about Here one off Conder Pool and the other two from the field off Jeremy Lane, these two birds were within a couple of metres of each other. I made the request to be informed of the outcome of the autopsy. 

Mute Swans Cockersands. Pete Woodruff.

The bad news is that four hours later I found two more dead Mute Swans at Cockersands, these two were also in close proximity to each other....this is all becoming a bit of a mystery about eight dead Mute Swans I found within about two miles.

I got in a decent 5 hours today, but my blogging allowance is out of time and the 'Seen Anything Interesting' post will have to wait. Meanwhile....

Goldcrest David Cookson 

We had a first record in our garden this morning when I saw briefly what I at first thought was a Wren disappearing into the ivy - the bird visits us often - but it soon revealed itself to be the UK's smallest bird....a Goldcrest.

And Another Plug.  

I decided to give our man Bob Bushell at 'Birds and Nature in the Forest Of Dean and Beyond' a plug, so....Here It Is 

The Mute Swans are more obviously so on a 'clik the pik' and the Goldcrest and Waxwing are both even bigger gems too.  


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Sad news re the dead mute swans..I await with interest news of the autopsy.

Gary Jones said...

Likewise await the outcome of the autopsy with interest

Bob Bushell said...

Bad news, a dead Mute Swan, why???????????????

Paul Foster said...

Not what you want to see when out for a stroll Peter,also wating for the outcome!!!