Sunday, 8 February 2015

Friday Promenading....

....and a plug.

With the motor high-jacked it was a decent day for legging it along the promenade at Morecambe to check out the birdlife, though it was never the plan I set out with, I actually went the whole hog from Teal Bay to Heysham and ended up in the Strawberry Gardens for a jar whilst waiting for the bus back to Lancaster....Isn't life wonderful!

Eider Jan Larsson  

I clocked c.300 Eiderat least c.245 distant in mid-bay looking to Grange from Teal Bay where there was another 20, with 35 just east of the Town Hall slipway. An adult Mediterranean Gull was on the Broadway groyne where 350 knot roosted over the tide. Noting at various groynes and points, up to 190 Black-tailed Godwit seen, and 3 Great-crested Grebe noted.

I saw 22 species on the route, 9 of which were waders mostly roosting on the groynes, and I regretted not having my telescope with me - I always do - when I found a couple of hundred gulls in the channel off the Battery Hotel car park, possibly including at least a Mediterranean Gull or maybe better. 

Over The Bay. Pete Woodruff.

The sun behind the clouds made for a pretty 'clik the pik' taken from the Stone Jetty.

Thanks to Jan for the brilliant Eider images, and to Chris for the Merlin most favourite of all raptors.

And the plug....

Sketches. Copyright Sharons Art.

Sharon Whitley has been doing some bird sketches recently with excellent results and well worth taking a look at. 

I promised Sharon a plug it is  


Martin Jump said...

It`s a fair walk is that Pete,can`t blame you for calling into the gardens for refreshment.Hope to bump into you soon as spring arrives.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, thoroughly enjoyed it though this inner reach of Morecambe could never be called a 'hotspot' for birds. Hope to bump into you too sometime soon Martin.

Sharon Whitley said...

Beautiful photos - I love eiders - and thank you for the plug!

Pete Woodruff said...

Sharon....Thanks, you are welcome to the plug.