Sunday, 15 February 2015

Geese, Swans....

....Wildfowl, Waders, and some other birds.

The Geese.

Pink-footed Geese Brian Rafferty

As I walked towards Plover Scar on Thursday I heard geese calling, looking round an estimated 9,000-10,000 Pink-footed Geese seen in two skeins heading NW, eventually going down, some in the Jeremy Lane area, others in the Glasson Dock area out of sight behind Crook Farm.

The Swans.

I saw a combined total of at least 297 Bewick's/Whooper Swans, seen on Jeremy Lane as 12 Bewick's Swan, 7 Whooper Swan, and a Black Swan. On Moss Lane, 6 Bewick's Swan and 268 Whooper Swan. A Whooper Swan was on the sea SW of Plover Scar, another in the Cocker channel, and two on Cockerham Marsh off Bank End.

The Wildfowl.

Wigeon/Curlew. Pete 'clik the pik' Woodruff.

Forty six Goldeneye were seen as 2 on Conder Pool, 16 on the canal basin, and 28 on the Lune Estuary. Eleven Tufted Duck and a drake Goosander were on Conder Pool with another Goosander on the Lune Estuary. At Cockersands between Plover Scar and the caravan park, c.250 Pintail, several hundred uncounted Wigeon and 39 Eider.

The Waders. 

I saw at least 2,400 Golden Plover, with 1,500 at Glasson Dock, and 900 off Bank End. The Common Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, a Black-tailed Godwit and Snipe were at Conder Green.

Some other birds.

I saw only 4 Little Grebe at Conder Green where a Sparrowhawk was patrolling and a Buzzard drifted over south minutes later. A Peregrine Falcon was again on Colloway Marsh, and 4 Fieldfare were in the tree again by Bank Houses but flew off. The bird of the day for me had to be the male Stonechat seen again off Jeremy Lane....I'm beginning to wonder if this little bugger has been in the area all winter. 

And finally.... 

Some news about dead Mute Swans found in our recording area is Here 


Marc Heath said...

Never seen so many Pink footed Geese before. Can only imagine the sight and sound of these.

Bob Bushell said...

Pretty Pink-footed Geese and your picture of Curlews and Wigeon, excellent.

Noushka said...

Hi Pete,
Your area is so rich in wild life and birds! you always make me dream... How I'd wish to take a few days off and visit these places!!
Yes, I guess a fox could do a lot of damage in a bird colony if taken by surprise, it is the kind of predator that can create havoc, killing all it can in a frenzy. They often do so in henhouses...
Cheers, keep well :)