Monday, 2 February 2015

Bewick's/Whooper Swans.

Bewick's Swan Marc Heath 

In terms of Bewick’s Swans in the UK this winter, numbers on the Ouse Washes in Norfolk reached 800 in mid-December whilst around 90 were at Slimbridge at that time. The mild autumn meant that lower numbers than usual had reached the UK by December, with hundreds of swans still residing as far east as Estonia. But there was a large influx at Slimbridge over Christmas, and with the plunging temperatures and easterly winds probably more will arrive if/when temperatures decrease further. Decent numbers of Bewick's Swans are being seen again this winter in the Glasson/Cockersands area with a peak count of 19 birds seen 25 January off Moss Lane.

If you are interested, you can read about the amazing Caper, an old Bewick's Swan Here 

Whooper Swan Phillip Tomkinson 

Whooper Swans are also around our area again this winter, and I made a count of 185 at Cockersands on Friday 30 January. On Monday 19 January I was able to read a ringed Whooper Swan - C6J - which I duly reported and recieved a detailed history of the bird....

Ringed as an adult female 14 November 2006 at Martin Mere WWT. Subsequentially seen....

Martin Mere WWT (5) 2007/12/13
Fluke Hall (2) 2007/08
Pilling Moss (3) 2008/09/10 
Libby Lane, Pilling (1) 2008
Caeraverlock, Dumfries (2) 2009
Ruthwell, Dumfries (1) 2009
Thursland Hill, Lanc's (2) 2013
Cockersands (1) 2014
Eagland Hill, Fylde (1) 2014
Cockerham Moss (1) 19 January 2015 P.Woodruff.

My sincere thanks to Kane Brides at WWT for his usual prompt and efficient way of dealing with the details of observers ring reports which gives the added incentive for birders to note marked birds and to send in the sightings.

Thanks to Marc and Phillip for the excellent images.


Gary Jones said...

We discovered a field down near us at Shotwick, contained all three swans, as well as a Black one. Quite distant photos that I need to process yet to establish numbers of Bewicks, but we were told there were some there. I've met Kane a couple of times, a real nice chap.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete !!!. Good collection of pictures .. Beautiful seagull headboard.. .In Madrid now snowing .. And tomorrow I'm going to photograph Cranes lagoon of Gallocanta in Zaragoza .. Temperatures below zero .. I'll tell you .. Greetings... :-)))

Pete Woodruff said...

Hope we're going to see the 'swan' images Gary.

And hope we're going to see the Crane images Ana.

Thanks to both for your contributions - photographs and comments - to Birds2blog.