Monday, 24 August 2015

As For Last Week!

The Kingfisher.

Last week had its own brand of birding interest for me, not least because on Monday the Conder Kingfisher obliged at last. Having been elusive for me recently - never in the right place at the right time -  I found the bird perched close by, it posed perfectly for a few minutes for me to try out any photographic skills I might have.

Kingfisher (Female) . Pete Woodruff.

I was pleased with some of the results, one of which I thought qualified for the new header for Birds2blog.

Martin Behaviour.

Some behaviour I observed was interesting at Conder Green on Friday when, in the Cafe d' Lune area, up to 8 House Martin were collecting mud in the creeks. These birds may well be having a second or even third brood, as the House Martins breeding season can sometimes be prolonged and into autumn, in which case it's interesting to note, the young from earlier broods are known to help feed those from later ones.

Black-headed Gull.

Also at Conder Green I saw a Black-headed Gull in the creeks, the bird appeared to be injured or was stunned. It was trying to take to the wing with out success, it was covered in mud and was a pitiful sight about which I could do nothing. Another Black-headed Gull was by its side squealing all the time, and attacked the bird pecking at its head a couple of times, a Little Egret also came on the scene, and I was convinced this bird would also attack the gull, but I scared the pair of them off. A few minutes later when I looked, the gull had shuffled itself on to the water, and a few more minutes later when I looked again it had disappeared. I had to convince myself it had been stunned for some reason, and had eventually flown off, though it had appeared to me like it was never going to be able to.

The Spoonbill.

Spoonbill. Chris Batty. 

The Spoonbill is now into its third week on the Lune Estuary, and Chris is the only birder I'm aware of to get an image of the bird which - as in this record shot - has always been distant at the mouth of the Conder viewed from Glasson Dock, though when I found it on Friday 7 August it was 100 metres nearer the bowling green viewpoint than it has been since.

Yellow Wagtails.

My weeks birding had an excellent end to it, with at least 6 Yellow Wagtails on the edges of Cockerham Marsh on Friday. This was the best example of what birding is all about, to find stunning birds like these....Next please!


David Gascoigne said...

Great selection of birds and a very interesting narrative. Any day when you have six Yellow Wagtails is a good day in my book.

Warren Baker said...

Interesting post today pete (not that previous ones aren't interesting!) I'd love to get a Kingfisher pose like that for me! Nice images mate :-)

It is, as I write, absolutely throwing it i said in an earlier comment.....swings and roundabouts!

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Your photographic skills are superb..Certainly in the right place at the right time. A fabulous image of the Conder kingfisher And six yellow wagtails a great day indeeed. Take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

David....Thanks, six Yellow Wagtails is by far the best count of the species for me...ever, not an easy bird to connect with in our area any more I'm afraid. In the last local annual report I saw, it was recorded as 'a very scarce and declining migrant breeder'.

Warren....Thanks for kind words re Kingfisher pic. I reckon 'nice' is the limit for credit in my opinion.

Brian....'Your photographic skills are superb'....Thanks Brian, but care needed with the 'superb' I think.

Richard Pegler said...

Looks like you'll soon be posting with all the photo credits showing "Pete Woodruff"! I'd be very happy if I'd managed Kingfisher images like yours. I've never managed any anywhere near as good. Well done! I look forward to more of your own bird images,Pete.

Best wishes - - - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Richard, the Kingfisher shot was one of those once in a while things, so don't hold your breath to see the next 'good' pic from me, it may be a while before it arrives I assure you.

Sharon Whitley said...

I've never seen one yellow wagtail never mind 6 together - plenty of greys though - beautiful photos of the kingfisher and always a real delight to get so close to one - shame about the black headed gull, hope he was ok in the end, best wishes, Sharon

Pete Woodruff said...

Good to hear from you again Sharon, much appreciated. Hope you are keeping well and continuing with your paintings.