Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gotta Keep On Lookin!

Thursday 6 August.

Mediterranean Gull. Red Nab. Heysham. Pete Woodruff.

visit to Heysham on Thursday produced just 3 Mediterranean Gull, all adult at the Red Nab roost, with a Whimbrel noted. Whilst I was at the south wall, I have no idea where the bird came from, but I picked up a Little Egret flying through the harbour and out of the harbour mouth before veering left to fly south.

The Harbour Plover. 

On 16 July I found a Ringed Plover on the quayside at the south wall of Heysham Harbour, the bird was close to me all the time I was there calling as if to young which I dismissed as odd behaviour as I could see no other birds adult or young. When I returned eight days later on 24 July I found a pair of Ringed Plover and a downy chick, it was obvious now that the bird I saw a week ago was alarmed at my presence because its mate was sat on a nest in an enclosure of stony/concrete rubble.

When I arrived another two weeks later at the south wall on Thursday, one of the adult birds was again calling as if to young of which I could find none despite a 15 minute search, nor was there any other adult about. So I assume the chick didn't survive, but why was this lone adult still contact calling apparently to nothing.

Friday 7 August.

Spoonbill. Hanne and Jens Eriksen @ Arkive

On Friday I did the Lancaster - Glasson Dock hike, sad to say little of which inspired me for it's near nothingness, until I got my eyes on the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock to see a large white bird by the Conder mouth which instantly wasn't a Little Egret at all if only for its feeding action, it was a Spoonbill....nice one.

Freeman's Pools had 6 Little Grebe to note. I kept to the road straight through to Aldcliffe Hall Lane which offers very limited views over the wildfowlers pool, as opposed to my usual walk along the embankment which offers decent ones....The flood was deserted. 

Female Blackcap. Richard Pegler @ Pegler Birding

It's a long walk to Conder Green to log a female Blackcap and 23 Little Egret, albeit the latter is a good count. At Conder Green, I found just 2 Common Sandpiper in the creeks, and 3 Little Grebe on Conder Pool. 

And the butterflies....

Meadow Brown 12
Large White 14
Gatekeeper 3
Small Tortoiseshell 1
Speckled Wood 1
Peacock 1

A disappointing trek with an excellent gotta keep on lookin!

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