Friday, 28 August 2015

No Sign.

If you visited Conder Green yesterday to see the Lesser Yellowlegs as I did, or Glasson Dock to see the Spoonbill, you was out of luck as the day ended with no sign of either. I reckon yesterdays tide was the first the American had encountered which covered the mud banks at Conder Green since its arrival on went off to roost somewhere and didn't return....neither birds have been reported today.

To be honest, there was no sign of much else anywhere I paid any attention to yesterday, but apparently I missed the Wood Sandpiper at Conder Green, and the Little Stint at Glasson Dock.

But enough of this negativity, here's what I did see.... 

The species number had increased again at Conder Green when I saw 7 Common Sandpiper, five in the creeks, one in the channel from the railway bridge, and one on Conder Pool, 4 Little Grebe were also on here again. About 8 Linnet seen, and c.150 Redshank and 25 Dunlin where downstream from the railway bridge, and a Painted Lady was good.

I did a circuit at Cockersands with some detours to little avail, but c.80 Linnet were off the headland again where I saw 2 Wheatear, 14 Greenfinch on Slack Lane, and 12 Tree Sparrow around Bank Houses.

Linnet Behaviour.

Linnet Warren Baker

Some interesting behaviour by two Linnets from a group of eight which flew across the creeks, these two individuals were behaving like petrels and were pattering their feet on the deep water surface. I watched these two birds in this manner through a telescope for 10 seconds....Odd and amazing. 

East is east, and west is west. 

An estimated 230 Pied Flycatcher at Spurn Point on the east coast earlier this week.

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Warren Baker said...

No Linnets here today Pete.
Its a bit worrying, normally August is the month when I get peak counts :-(