Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Bowland Updated.

Weather-wise not quite the day I had hoped for on Monday, an hour into the visit I had to escape back to the car almost a mile away from a downpour. But it was actually all worth while when the weather dried up, not least because I eventually found 3 Pied Flycatcher, a male of which was at a natural hole in the same tree 100 metres east of Trough Bridge, where I've found them before in two previous years, I got no sign of any female in a lengthy stakeout. The other sighting was at a nest box with male and female entering to feed young.

Spotted Flycatcher. Howard Stockdale.

I found only 4 Spotted Flycatcher today, all at the backside of the plantation from Tower Lodge. Also noted of the 24 species counted, 10 Grey Wagtail were on the Marshaw Wyre including juveniles, also a similar number of Pied WagtailA few Sand Martin were at Marshaw, and at least four active House Martin nests are at Tower Lodge with Swallow around. On the Marshaw Wyre, 4 Common Sandpiper were seen as two pairs with behaviour indicating young around.  

I twice heard a Cuckoo calling, this one in the Marshaw area as opposed to the last visit when one was heard in the area of woodland above Tower Lodge. Nine Chaffinch seen included two juvenile, 2 Blackcap, 2 Mistle Thrush, and a singing Willow Warbler was the only one today.

I had no sighting of Dipper on the Marshaw Wyre, my last here was on 23 May 2018 despite at least four visits.

At Stoops Bridge, Abbeystead, another pair of Pied Flycatcher were seen visiting a natural nest hole to feed young, and a pair of Spotted Flycatcher, the female of which could be clearly seen on the nest.

Garden Birds.

Garden Blackbird 11 June. Pete Woodruff.

We now have a trio of young Blackbirds in our garden. It was a treat to see all three together in pursuit of an adult male, running down the path towards the kitchen door yesterday....Magic.  


Richard Pegler said...

A Spotted Flycatcher is something I rarely see, and always causes me great excitement, Pete, so 3 Pied Flycatcher and 4 Spotted Flycatcher in just 3 days would probably result in me having to take a cold shower - although I've had plenty of those this week with the weather being the way it is!

With my very best wishes. Take good care - - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...

As you will have seen on B2B the Tower Lodge area is by far the best in our recording area for SF's, my best count on a birding day was 12 birds.

Thanks for your continued support Richard.

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