Saturday, 15 June 2019

Pontoon Peace.

There's no doubt about it, there appeared to be a reign of peace yesterday on the pontoon at Conder Pool, but you don't have to be an ornithological genius to see that things won't last.

Common Tern Conder Pool 14 June. Ian Pinkerton.

The first Common Tern to have claimed territory on the pontoon now has two chicks, with one bird already seen wing flapping in IP's image above. The other Common Tern is sitting in the right corner, a third Common Tern which at one point was obviously sitting at the right hand edge of the island behind the pontoon has disappeared, unfortunate in that Conder Pool was looking like it was going to have another first record with three breeding Common Tern in 2019.

Black-headed Gull Conder Pool 14 June. Ian Pinkerton. 

The seemingly long time sitting Black-headed Gull finally also has two chicks, with the second bird sitting close by. But with the potential of at least sixteen birds in this confined space in the coming weeks the apparent peace won't last.

A circuit took me to Glasson Dock, to return via the canal where I saw/heard 5 Sedge Warbler and a Whitethroat. A Tree Sparrow took me by surprise, the second sighting of the species, the first on 28 May was of three in the hedgerow at the backside of Conder Pool seen from the canal, today's bird was just past the road bridge east of Christ Church seen from the canal  tow-path. I'm not often in this area, but both these sightings of Tree Sparrow are new locations to me. Also seen from the tow-path, 3 Large Skipper.  

Large Skipper. Pete Woodruff.

Thanks to Howard Stockdale for his header image of the Dipper juveniles seen at Tower Lodge on 2 June.

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Richard Pegler said...

Pleased to hear that the peace is still holding on the pontoon, Pete.

I hope that you are getting better weather than we are, but at least we aren't flooded like some poor folk. However, we have a bit of a smell lingering from when, last week, the sewer level rose and seeped into the foundations of the house - not pleasant!

My best wishes - - - Richard