Friday, 7 June 2019

Climate Change.

Climate change has already made a significant impact on bird populations around the world and the impact is projected to become much larger in the future, increasing the risk of extinction for many species.


There's this guy, I think he's called the president of the US, and he's a climate change denier who is so deluded that he calls the whole thing a 'hoax', and he's been welcomed with all the trimmings on an official state visit to the UK by the PM and her cronies, who claim to be a government calling itself a global climate leader.

The hypocrisy of all this is a bit much, so while they're feeling the pressure to prove their climate credentials, we can put some serious heat on them to finally declare a Climate Emergency. 

Please consider SIGNING THIS PETITION ....I have.


Marc Heath said...

Very valued points Pete. I just hope the younger generation continue to push with this.

Richard Pegler said...

Thanks for bringing this petition to my attention, Pete. I've now signed. Best wishes - - - Richard

Bob Bushell said...

I've just signed it. Isn't he so ugly?

Pete Woodruff said...

Many thanks Marc/Richard/Bob. I now know the post served a useful purpose times three.

Celina Jeff said...

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