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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The Great Escape.

Well a good escape if not great, my birding never drops below good, and it was good to get out again yesterday, Today would have been a week since my last birding day, and a week since B2B ran out of material, and I reckon that's an 11 year record down the pan. I was tasked to do some decorating, something I couldn't escape from....I signed the contract!!

At Conder Green a count of 13 Little Grebewith eight in the creeks and five on Conder Pool, also 3 Greenshank, 7 Goosander, and 2 Kingfisher seen within five minutes of each other, a Greenshank was down the Conder channel. Notably the 'winter' Common Sandpiper not seen again, last seen 11 October. 

Not before time, I saw my first Whooper Swan of the winter, albeit a lone bird drifting upstream. Also noted, a Greenshank close by which called in it's powerful whistling 'tyew-tyew-tyew' constantly for up to thirty minutes before falling silent, no more than 50 Golden Plover here today, 65 Wigeon, 2 Red-breasted Merganser and 2 Goosander.

Turnstone Cockersand. Pete Woodruff. Clik the pik

At Cockersand, at least 220 Golden Plover and 50 Turnstone, including ten roosting on a little terra firma over a 10.23m tide, with 140 Curlew in a field by Abbey Farm, 3 Wren seen on the circuit, and 3 Blackbird around Bank Houses were my only other notes here.

Thanks to Richard for the excellent nine Snipe in flight at Knott End yesterday.

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