Wednesday, 22 July 2009

BR Does It Again!

No not British Rail......Brian Rafferty has been doing the rounds at Leighton Moss once again and if you really want to see a Hobby or a Bittern you obviously could do much worse than follow this guy about. This blog isn't for singing the praises of - or advertising - BR and his excellent photography but if he's intent on being this successful in both seeing and photographing these birds then that's what I'm going to do. I've already told him about the hordes who travel miles to see the Bittern and Bearded Tit at LM to travel more miles to return from whence they came invariably empty handed. This BR bloke has been more than lucky of late and his image of the bird in flight may interest the ringing fraternity and LM staff as it clearly illustrates the Bamber Bridge bird in A1 condition and enjoying life at LM.

As for me......well, today is best forgotten as I spent more time sitting it out in the car wasting my life away hoping for Mr Sunshine - or at least some blue sky - to put in an chance, and I ran out of antidepressant tablets too. I did manage to count at least 12 Common Sandpiper in the Conder channel, a pair of Moorhen on Conder Pool have so far had the good fortune to have seven surviving young in tow, and counted 155 Lapwing on here. A drive in desperation to the Cockersands lighthouse was to no avail due to the rain which made dents in the roof of my car, but I did manage to count c.30 Eider, and 2 Whimbrel obligingly came down on the shingle in front of me......roll on summer whilst I roll on back home!


Colin Bushell said...

Sounds as if you had about as much luck as me today Pete, although I did manage to avoid the rain. Lots of Dunlin out on the Ribble but they were always just too far off to pick out anything good even if it was there. Keep plugging away ......

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. You did warn me !! Many many thanks for yet more exposure. I seem to be monopolising you blog at the moment!!

Glad you ran out of the tablets, not good for you !!! At least you got out there, you never know what's waiting round the corner. I am sure blue skies will soon be back.
Cheers from the very lucky BR bloke.

Pete Woodruff said...

It certainly took yesterday Colin - as I sat in my car for what seemed like endless hours - for me to realise what a terrible life the poor little Goldfish leads in its bowl......time to outlaw the Goldfish Bowl.

Yes, I'm leaving you out in the cold and off the blog for a while now Brian as there are some very weird people out there who will be having some very weird thoughts about us if we're not careful.

Thanks to you both for your contribution's.